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Who are ZanaNET?

At the core of zanaNET are very experienced individuals with over 50 years diverse experience in the Internet Service and Communications Provider sector.

With a technical heart, team experience ranges from Network/Applications Management and Development to members of senior management who have aided designing, running and providing strategy to hugely successful national networks (often with large bespoke requirements).

zanaNET work closely with customers to fulfil their exact requirements.

Duncan Baxter


Duncan has many years experience as a Systems/Application Services Engineer, having previously worked for large national Internet Service Providers and Data Centres (such as the Timico Technology Group).

He excels especially in a UNIX / Linux environment. His expertise and love for open source systems has developed exceptional knowledge and a hugely diverse skill set.

Duncan also has an excellent working knowledge of networking principles and topologies, including Cisco IOS, VPN technologies, WAN networks, IPv6, etc.

100% committed to the task at hand and an advocate of new technologies!

Ben Wilkinson


Ben has over 15 years experience in the Internet Communications industry at senior level, having aided the design and implementation of a very successful Tier 3 data centre, rolling out MPLS networks and deployment of 10Gig core networks.

He has been involved with the design and provisioning of complex network architectures, un-bundled DSL platforms, and bespoke customer WAN solutions.


  • Large and small scale virtualised solutions including blade and SAN management
  • 21st Century broadband platforms
  • Local access BT exchange UN-bundling
  • Large MPLS WAN networks with complex dynamic routing
  • RIPE and IP management
  • Classic IPv4 and IPv6 infrastructures
  • Carrier and provider negotiations
  • Co-location
  • Data centre design and implementation
  • Bespoke customer WAN builds
  • Cost and consolidation service requirements
  • Single server to entire farm management
  • Backup solutions and disaster recovery
  • Master/slave, bonded lines and Internet backup
  • Advanced switching topologies
  • Encrypted site to site and client VPNs
  • NAT and firewall services


  • UNIX / Linux system administration
  • Microsoft system administration
  • SMTP relays / Mail stores and secure SMTP/IMAP/POP standards
  • Encryption methodologies
  • DNS services and standards for caching and authoritative, split-horizon, DNSSEC etc
  • Web front-end services and SSL security standards
  • Near line and extended backup provisioning
  • SQL database back-ends with real time replication
  • RADIUS authentication and accounting standards
  • Clustered and load balanced application support
  • Automation and reporting services
  • Extensive monitoring and statistic reporting/generating
  • Virtualisation technologies – VMWare vSphere 7 / vCenter environments